RECREATE wins the Gold Award for the best Research Poster at the 8th ICLPRP in South Korea

Among the research presentations at the 8th International Conference on Laser Peening and Related Phenomena, held in Gyeongju, South Korea, one poster stood out, earning the prestigious Gold Award. Ines Sma, Phd Student at CNRS/PIMM, and the researcher behind this award-winning poster, presented her research as a part of the RECREATE project that provided new insights into disassembly and reuse of laminated composites.

Ines Sma with her Gold Award winning poster

In her own words, Ines Sma explains the essence of the research presented in her poster:

“In our research poster, which explores promising applications for disassembling laminated composites to enable their reuse, we highlighted the potential of laser shock as an effective method for disassembling composite materials. Our results showed that we successfully separated the layers of these materials, and after disassembly, we observed significant improvements in the physical integrity of the material at its surface and in its mechanical properties.

Notably, there was no significant damage or delamination in the separated material, indicating that the shock laser process didn’t harm the structural integrity of the composite material. Furthermore, laser shock had no detrimental effect on the chemical and mechanical properties of the material after disassembly.”

This research represents an important development in sustainable practices within the materials science field. The potential of laser shock as an effective and non-destructive method for disassembling composite materials promises to significantly reduce waste and support the reuse of valuable resources. To read more about the conference and RECREATE’s contribution click here:

To view the full Gold Award winning poster by Ines Sma, click on the image below:

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