Reuse of glass fibre reinforced composite (GFRC) parts  for transport

Demo-case 1

Leader: GAIK; participant: ICAM

End-of-life polyester-based GFRC flat panels will be used to develop technical boards for the transport sector validating the reshaping technology developed in the project. A sandwich structure will be developed, and the reshaped panel will be used as an external cover of a polymeric core of a sandwich structure.

Reuse of carbon fibre reinforced composite (CFRC) parts for mobility

Demo-case 2

Leader: EDAG; participant: RSC

The utilisation time of vehicles is short in comparison to other machines. So the resources are not used efficiently. The basic concept of the demo-case is to define the basic structure of a vehicle that can be reused over several vehicle lives. The basis of this examination will be the tractor unit of the EDAG Citybot – an autonomous transport system for the inner city. Here, the high durability of carbon fibre composites can be exploited to achieve a lower overall footprint of the vehicle.

Reuse of carbon fibre reinforced composite (CFRC) parts for energy

Demo-case 3

Leader: REST; participants: INV, FRAUNH, RSC

Reuse of glass fibre reinforced composite (GFRC) and carbon fibre reinforced composite (CFRC) parts for aviation

Demo-case 4

Leader: GEV; participants: FRAUNH, RSC

Recycled carbon fibres (CF) for aviation

Demo-case 5

Leader: GEV; participants: TAU

Smart recognition/sorting systems

Demo-case 6 

Leader: IRIS; participants: ALL

Recycled carbon fibres (CF) for sport

Demo-case 7

Leader: HEAD; participants: Carbon cleanup, POLIMI, TAU

Recycled glass fibres (GF) for sport

Demo-case 8

Leader: HEAD; participant: POLIMI

Industrial coatings

Demo-case 9

Leader: BENA; participants: POLIMI, TAU