Impressions from the WCEF: “It is up to doers like RECREATE to make the next step.”

Herfried Lammer, HEAD

Herfired Lammer of HEAD, RECRETE Consortium partner, shares his impressions after the world’s leading event for circular economy thinkers, doers and leaders held in April 2024 in Brussels.

“At the WCEF it was especially impressive to see the global dimension the circular economy has gained, for us as a global brand and also global producer we are aware of the importance and we will act accordingly.”

“The European Green Deal is a significant asset for lightweight materials and especially for composites. – Yet only if we manage also to keep our valuable material in the loop, as long as it is possible. – And from this point of view the WCEF has really highlighted the importance of circularity thanks to the broad range of high-level speakers and participants. The guidelines to follow and reasons to implement circularity have been well explained and laid out from different perspectives, so it is up to doers like RECREATE to make the next step. HEAD is rethinking its strategy from circularity perspective already for some time. Sport is what we love and what we do. But without a liveable planet, there will be no sport. This is the most important match any of us will ever play – and we can’t lose.”

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