RECREATE successfully promoting novel technologies to elevate circularity of composites

Gianmarco Griffini, project coordinator, POLIMI, openning the fourth Consortium Meeting

The RECREATE partners gathered in Fulda, Germany hosted by EDAG Group for the first review meeting while they are approaching the milestone of the first 18 months from the launch.

The goal of the initiative comprising a consortium of 21 partners from 9 EU countries is ensuring circularity of composite materials. The partners are poised to develop a set of innovative technologies aimed at exploiting the potential of end-of-life complex fibre-reinforced composite waste as feedstock for profitable reuse of parts and materials in the manufacturing industry.

Activities developing innovative physio-chemical upcycling technologies for recovery of high-quality clean fibres and of a reusable organic resin fraction as well as novel materials to enable recyclable-by-design next-gen of fibre-reinforced composites are well on track, demonstrating good chances to meet expected outcomes, which will consequently be transformed into a number of impact-related actions. These will be supported by new digital tools for quantitative evaluation of the environmental and economic performance and the circularity of the proposed technologies as well as by tailored approaches for the co-design of innovative digital learning resources.

First outcomes of RECREATE and a pathway to follow will be examined together with DiGiPrime partners and stakeholders at an upcoming Innovation Workshop about the Circularity of Composites and Textiles to be held on 1st December 2023 in Bordeaux for which you can register by visiting the website below: 

Join us at the DigiPrime’s Innovation Workshop about the Circularity of Composites and Textiles

It will also gain further attention at the upcoming European Conference on Composite Materials for Academia and Industry (ECCM21) ( in Nantes on 2nd to 5th July 2024.

Consortium Partners at EDAG's premises

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