Developing a circular business model for the frontrunning key exploitable result of RECREATE

In the photo, participants of the workshop, from the left: Fabian Wunderle from INVENT, Justus von Freeden from Fraunhofer IWU, Maxime Olive from Rescoll participating online, Stefan Caba and Alexander Erler from EDAG, lead partner of the Exploitation Team, and Sebastian Zuzek and Jurij Giacomelli representing META Circularity, the exploitation partner of RECREATE.

On March 12th, 2024, RECREATE partners met at EDAG’s premises in Munich, Germany, for an exploitation workshop that aimed to propel forward the frontrunning key exploitable result (KER) of RECREATE. The KER deals with advancing solutions based on several technologies tackling sustainable composite materials with enhanced functionalities, poised to increase circularity in the automotive industry and in the mobility sector overall.

The main goal of the workshop was to design an innovative circular business model according to which for these new sustainable-by-design composite materials, could be applied in various industrial contexts. This innovative approach not only promises enhanced circularity to potential clients and related users of the solutions resulting from RECREATE, but also opens doors to new ways of industrial cooperation in existing and new value chains.

Throughout the workshop, discussions were proactive and dynamic, with participants delving into the intricacies of circular business models. Participants used the Lean Canvas methodology, and meticulously outlined the primary components essential for the success of the envisioned joint venture. From value propositions to revenue streams, from customer segments to key partnerships, each element was carefully crafted to ensure coherence and viability.

The outcome of the workshop was nothing short of promising. With the main components of the circular business model delineated, the groundwork for further action has been laid. In the upcoming phases, the partners involved will embark on preparing a comprehensive business plan, charting out a roadmap for execution, and meticulously evaluating potential exploitation methods.

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