Defining key performance indicators for demonstrators

Matija Frandolič, Gm, and Stefan Caba, EDAG

On the second day of the consortium meeting in Bilbao we had a chance to talk to Stefan Caba from EDAG. Stefan is currently working on Task 1.2: Definition of Technical Specifications for Final Demonstrators, where he needs active input from all the partners.

This task focuses on the definition of the specific requirements for the reuse, recycling and remanufacturing of products designed by demonstrators. The deliverable will include a schematic technical datasheet of new product design, material properties and the manufacturing process.

As part of the task, the EDAG team has already organised a series of individual workshops between demo-case leaders and related task participants. This has enabled EDAG to collect the first inputs, the inclusive state of the art, and technical specifications. Based on this they will deliver the definition of intermediate and final target KPIs with related task participants in WP2-5 at both the individual demo case level and at the general level.

Defining the KPIs at an early stage is of critical importance in order to set concrete goals and meet the project expectations. The partners have been solicited to provide their contributions by proposing specific KPIs for each demo case, and Stefan is planning to be in active contact with all of them until the completion of this deliverable. This task is expected to be finalised in February 2023.

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